Depiction Workflow

Automatically import free maps, data and imagery.
Quickstart sources: Terra Server Open Street Map, NASA Satellite Imagery and more
Bring in other data: CSV, GML or SHP files, LiDAR or DEM data, imagery or scanned files—it will all be geo-located within the depiction.
Compatible filetypes: CSV, GML, SHP, LiDAR, DEM, JPG, TIF, BMP and more

Sample Depiction Create your own data by simply clicking and drawing on the map.

Then watch all that disparate data come alive as simulation objects, which interact with each other, regardless of source or format. Raise a flood level and watch buildings become disabled. Place a tower on a hill and see what blocks the line of sight within five miles. Drag an explosion or barrier across a street intersection and a route automatically redirects itself.

Depiction is open and customizable; you can create your own smart map elements, data pipelines, and even simulation rules and behaviors.

“There are thousands of interesting uses for this program. The key points, I think, are that it integrates lots of data across a network into a visual interface... No one really needs to know technology to use this product. They only need to know what they want to display. That simplicity leads to efficiency for integrating real-time data from networks or sensors into one place for others to access and communicate.”

Jeff Thurston
Editor, V1 Magazine

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