Who uses Depiction?

Depiction is the premier mapping tool for amateur radio users who are serious about knowing where things are, and where they could be--whether in APRS tracking, resource allocation or disaster preparedness and response.
Emergency managers for agencies large and small use Depiction to build emergency plans, maintain a common operating picture, share situational awareness, run tabletop exercises and much more—all for a fraction of the cost and time commitment of traditional GIS software.
Though designed for the everyday user, Depiction’s ability to rapidly integrate multiple types of data, images and simulations make it an invaluable, and inexpensive tool, even for expert GIS users.
Volunteers across the world use Depiction to assist with bike races, disaster preparedness, disaster response and much more—and our Volunteer Discount program makes Depiction even more affordable.
Fire departments map assets, build plans, run simulations, and maintain a common operating picture—all from the same easy to use, affordable program.
From crime mapping, tactical planning, presentations and any other task involving location-based information, Depiction is a tool that can be used by entire police departments.
Help prepare your family and neighborhood by building plans and maps with the same tool used by professionals, but affordable and easy to use.
Small businesses can take advantage of the GIS technology used by large companies for market analysis, business continuity, facilities planning and much more, but for a fraction of the cost.
Map employees, vendors, suppliers and other critical locations, overlay them with known hazards and simulations, then build business continuity plans to specifically address these overlaps of risks and resources.
Whether for epidemiology, public health preparedness or vaccine coordination, Depiction provides an easy, low cost solution for health care organizations who need to to rapidly map key information in a secure, private environment.
Neighborhood watch groups can map crimes and complaints using tools used by the professionals. Keep track of your neighbors and members using just email or spreadsheets. Rapidly enhance your ability to serve your neighborhood.
Whether doing GIS education with data collected in the field, running complex, live simulations in a graduate course, or conducting live training to teach situational awareness, Depiction is a powerful tool for educators at all levels.
From initial planning—what if our usual route is blocked?—to the day of the event—who is closest to the scene of this accident?—Depiction is an easy solution for many questions that confront organizers of marathons, bike rides and other race events.
When the Internet is unavailable, key information is in disparate formats from shapefiles to hand-drawn maps, and seconds count, Depiction can still help international relief workers rapidly gain an understanding of the situation, anywhere in the world.
Public Information Officers can keep the media and stakeholders accurately informed of unfolding situations in a visual manner—answer questions on the fly without being limited by static paper maps or PowerPoint slides.
Whether Parks & Recreation professionals building maps and scenarios for their areas of responsibility, or enthusiasts planning and depicting their outdoor activities, Depiction is tool wiht unique capabilities.

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