Hyperlocal Election Maps Made Easy

With the 2010 US elections now past, a huge amount of data about the mood of the country is now becoming available. The broad national trends will be hashed, rehashed and analyzed for the next several months by the media, major political organizations and other groups with access to powerful, highly technical (and expensive) mapping and analysis tools. But what about those of us concerned with and curious about the election results in our own communities?

Previously, it has only been a select few experts who have been able to take raw election returns and turn them into useful maps that show key trends and patterns on the "hyperlocal" level. However, Depiction mapping software enables anyone to, with relative ease and at trivial cost, create maps like this one.

Attend this webinar to learn, step by step, just how easy it is. This webinar will be immensely valuable to local campaigns, parties, consultants, political organizations, local media and anyone else who is interested in political trends at the local level.

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