Depiction 1.3 - Map, Simulate, Collaborate and Decide

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With improved GIS data support, enhanced customization options and new drawing and data management tools, the release of Depiction 1.3 makes it even easier to use mapping, simulation and collaboration to support critical decision-making.

Depiction 1.3 is a web-enabled desktop program incorporating mapping, simulation and collaboration capabilities, enabling users to build dynamic, interactive scenarios, representing historical, hypothetical or even ongoing situations. These capabilities have previously been reserved for highly trained systems engineers, analysts and programmers using complex, expensive, enterprise-level installations, but Depiction, and the enhancements in this new version, changes that.

View this webinar, recorded on May 12, to learn more about Depiction 1.3, and how businesses, neighborhoods, governments and private individuals can use Depiction to map, simulate, collaborate—and decide.

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