Depiction & OpenStreetMap Workshop for the Mile High Red Cross

Depiction and OpenStreetMap are two powerful tools that can be used by in emergency preparedness and response by both volunteers and professionals – on Thursday, September 8, we recorded a special workshop given for the Mile High Region of the American Red Cross, but streamed live so that all interested persons could attend.

Russell Deffner, Volunteer GIS Specialist for the American Red Cross - Mile High Region, Depiction Preferred Consultant and Lead Instructor of Depiction University was joined by Hurricane Coast, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Depiction, Inc., OpenStreetMap Foundation and State of the Map 2011 Organizing Committee Member to lead a candid discussion regarding OpenStreetMap, Depiction mapping software, and how the Red Cross can use these tools for emergency preparedness and response.

Tools like these give the people power over their data and allow organizations like the Red Cross to use that data inside other tools like Depiction – empowering volunteers, increasing chapter efficiency, and decreasing response time during an incident.

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