Depiction University Syllabus

Course Purpose & Structure:

Currently available are an 8 module intensive training course and the Certified Depiction User – Exam Module.  The goal of the training course is to help Depiction users, from novice to experienced, become proficient and confident in their use of the broad array of features and capabilities of Depiction mapping, simulation and collaboration software. 

The 8 module training course is self-paced. Students will have access for ten years to a web-resident package of instruction materials and assignments focused on teaching all the features and functions of the core Depiction application.  Instruction material and assignments for each module may include some or all of the following:

  • Assigned reading from the Depiction User’s Manual or other references
  • Tutorial videos, webinar recordings and instruction videos to watch
  • Practical Worksheets

It is understood that students may have different levels of familiarity with the software and that the time it takes to complete assignments will vary from student to student.  Each module is designed to cover the same amount of material a typical 16 week college course would in about a two week period.  On average each module will instruct you to: watch 1 to 2 hours of videos and recorded webinars which act as lecture, read from the Depiction User’s Manual and other published resources roughly imitating a chapter or two in a text book, complete a practical assignment (lab/homework). Also sprinkled amongst the modules are sample test questions to test your knowledge and/or prepare you for the Exam Module.

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Course Syllabus: Depiction University


Module 1: Depiction Overview

  • Learning Resources
  • Introduction to the core Depiction application
  • Getting Familiar with Depiction Mapping Software

Module 2: Element-ary School

  • Elements
  • Adding Elements - the basics
  • Manipulating Elements - the basics

Module 3: Managing the Elements

  • Managing Elements
  • Behaviors and Interactions

Module 4: All about Data

  • Finding Data
  • Shapefiles and Other "Location Aware" Data Formats
  • Spreadsheets and Images
  • Exporting and Special Considerations

Module 5: Customization

  • Creating and Sharing Custom Elements
  • Creating and Sharing Custom Interaction Rules

Module 6: Collaboration & Geo-Communications 

  • Live Reports
  • Web Services

Module 7: Applications and Use Cases

  • Presenting with Depiction
  • Creating 'Stand-Alone' depictions
  • Depiction as a Common Operating Picture platform

Module 8: Extended and Emerging Capabilities

  • Extended Capabilities
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Course Review

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