Depiction University Instruction Module 0

Module 0

Module 0 is an introduction to Depiction University. For interested students it will demonstrate how a typical training module works for currently registered students. The first video also shows how to get an install the Depiction Free Reader for those of you who may have just become interested in Depiction and not yet own the software (a requirement for Depiction University). This module is also a good way for those who have already completed the program to catch up on what is new in the latest version of Depiction.

In this module learn...
  • Playing instructional videos (the first is to the left).
  • Downloading, installing, using and uninstalling the Depiction Free Reader
  • Following the links and downloading and submitting assignments and materials
  • What's new in Depiction 1.4

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Introductory Video

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Did you know...
Did you know that there is a free version of Depiction? And DepictionPrep, designed for personal, family, or neighborhood preparedness. Compare the versions here. There are also icon sets, and add-ons providing additional functionality, visit the purchase page to see all the available products.

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