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C3 Applications' personnel have been developing applications to help traditional emergency services agencies and companies respond to disasters since the early 90's when the internet and web enabled applications began to emerge. Our personnel have attended hundreds of hours of emergency management training provided by local, state, and federal agencies as well as private companies. We have extensive experience preparing for and responding to emergencies and disasters.

We have developed applications literally overnight to assist local and state agencies meet unique challenges that arose during the response and recovery activities related to a disaster. We have been involved with fires, floods, hurricanes, hazardous material responses, strategic national stockpile pharmaceutical distribution, radiological/biological hazard events, and search & rescue events involving local, state, federal and military agencies.

Our personnel are not simply "computer geeks" with no real-world field experience. We have logged thousands of hours in emergency medical services, fire suppression & prevention, law enforcement, search & rescue, and emergency management as well as holding IBM certified professional software application developer and system administration positions.

This experience both in the field and in emergency operations centers around the country allows us to be able to develop applications that meet the needs of emergency managers and responders at all levels of the incident command system structure because we understand your unique requirements.

ICSolution allows users to add icons to a Depiction for:

  • Shelters
  • Special Needs
  • Point of Distribution Management
  • Resource Requests and Situation Reports (TrackIt!)
  • Resource Management
  • Damage Assessment
  • Closures (Airport, Bridge, Medical Facility, Road, School, Utility)

When one of these record types is saved or updated, the location and icon type is sent to Depiction via it's native Live Reports feature.

Dinn Focused Marketing principal Michael Dinn engaged Depiction for a secure version of SMA/RT™ Depiction to realize the integration of large amounts of public and proprietary real estate data. The ensuing three years in service to national housing projects and distressed portfolios needed an approach to view, even forecast the direction of properties at the speed of the challenge and often with many viewers. The result allowed realtime assessments of variable data, often provided by Client, to navigate an optimal property solution. Depiction’s ease of use, element capacity and dynamic graphics made the market more clear during times of great risk. Ahead, the SMA/RT™ Depiction version will assess housing and other mixed-use markets for new development led today by multi-family apartments. “As the markets stabilize and new opportunities emerge, the defensive applications of SMA/RT™ will shift toward offensive exploration of new housing solutions,” said Dinn.

Nohbell has integrated Depiction via the Live Reports feature with their Info-Man emergency management software.

Depiction created a custom version or our software that acts as a front end to collect various data sources for Intific's RealWorld poduct.

UUPlus software is specifically designed for Internet email and file transfer over slow and/or error prone connections such as mobile satellite phones, cellular phones, HF modems, poor quality or expensive long distance land lines, and over services such as Mobile Packet Data Service and BGAN. The software is distributed as part of the UUPlus Satellite Email Service or is sold as a deployed systems solution for private or regional networks.

With compressed, bi-directional data transfer, UUPlus software achieves throughput speeds four or more times faster than standard POP/SMTP connections and twice that of general purpose accelerated gateway software. UUPlus software will connect reliably in situations where IP based networks will not.

UUPlus is easy to install and maintain and supports most satellite networks including Inmarsat (IsatPhone, Mini-M, M4, MPDS, BGAN), Iridium (all phones), Globalstar, Thuraya, ACeS, and Mobile Satellite Ventures. In the deployed software versions, UUPlus supports Codan, TETRA, and SCS Pactor II HF modems.

UUPLus has integrated a way to shrink Depiction elements in size to be able to easily send them over radio connections to the live reports feature within Depiction.

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