Small Business Mapping Software

“Depiction, with its ease of use and affordable price point, enabled YMCA staff and volunteers to assimilate a variety of data sources both efficiently and effectively and aided in executing strategic decisions that will yield positive impact on our communities for years to come.”
Ted Wenta
Vice President of Operations
YMCA of Snohomish County, WA
A depiction is...
Visual insight for your business
In minutes, create custom views of locations, customers, competitors, employees and more, exploring scenarios to optimize your operations.
New opportunities, revealed

Turn your knowledge into a visual, interactive Depiction scenario, and watch new patterns and opportunities emerge before your eyes.

Keeping your doors open after a disaster
See how local hazards overlap with your business relationships, helping you come up with alternatives that will keep you in business.

Private, secure and reliable
All your information stays on your computer, not our servers—and even when the Internet is unavailable, your scenarios are still right there.

Easy and affordable
Download it, get started in minutes, and use it all you want—no subscriptions, support contracts or other ongoing fees.

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