Situational Awareness just got easier!

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    Depiction’s low cost, easy to use mapping application lets you quickly import and visualize geographic information from multiple sources giving you a clear 2D picture of the situation.  Depiction can even receive and automatically plot reports sent via email by people at the scene of an incident or collaborating from off-site.

    The most important factor in making effective and timely decisions in any situation is having a clear understanding of what’s going on.  Depiction helps provide that understanding in an innovative way by helping you see all your essential information at once; but without all the clutter that normally results when “too much information” is displayed.

    A stand-alone, desktop product, Depiction helps you share your situational “picture” with other Depiction users via email for near real-time collaboration. By setting up an email account or accounts that multiple users can send to and read from, Depiction can provide ALL event participants with a Common Operating Picture - and in a simple, easy to understand and inexpensive way. Click here to learn how!  You can also save an entire Depiction file to your desktop for later retrieval or transmission to someone else.

    Depiction’s “what-if” technology even lets you go beyond what IS happening to visualizeCommon operating picture diagram what MIGHT happen.  You can depict alternative courses of action right on your desktop to help analyze how to proceed; whether it’s in choosing an evacuation route or the location for a command post or a shelter.   What if that road is flooded?  What if there’s an explosion at the chemical plant?  Which areas of town might be isolated in a major storm or earthquake; and which of my employees or volunteers live there?   Depiction helps you gain situational awareness BEFORE things happen and while they are happening so you can better plan, prepare and respond.



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