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At Depiction, Inc., we focus on creating cutting edge software technology--we're not a service provider or systems integrator. Depiction Preferred Consultants are those who have gained our confidence as individuals or companies that can provide training, assistance and other services to organizations using Depiction.

Ric Skinner, GISP is a Certified GIS Professional with over 30 years of professional experience in hospital & healthcare preparedness, health geographics and environmental management. Ric is the author of GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management and a member of the International Assn. of Emergency Managers (IAEM), Urban & Regional Information Systems Assn. (URISA), Business Continuity Planning Workgroup for Healthcare Organizations (BCPWHO), and other professional organizations. Following the old adage “if I give you a fish you will eat for one meal; if I teach you to fish you will never go hungry,” Ric’s consulting objective is to teach others how to use GIS to meet their needs for assuring that the right people, have the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

Russell Deffner of Russell Deffner Consulting seeks to promote the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for any individual or organization regardless of the application or their budget, such as non-profits, Community Organizations (HOAs, Special Districts), small business, local government. Deffner has formal education in GIS from Colorado State University having received a Bachelor of Science in Forestry concentrated in Forest Fire Science with a minor study in Spatial Information Management, as well as professional experience developing and using GIS in various fields such as natural resource management, emergency/disaster planning and response, and journalism.

C3 Applications is the developer of the ICSolution software. The developers have been active in the emergency management and health care communities since the late 80's. Even then, prior to the Internet being available as a communications conduit, they were working with other vendors and developing their own internal databases that could be shared within their respective organizations. When public Internet usage became available, they were early adopters of this new technology and began to research platforms that would allow the ready sharing of data between response organizations. While working with local and state agencies, they saw the need for spatial awareness as a tool to supplement the raw data. They have worked in the past with several GIS vendors, but until they saw Depiction, they were never convinced that a non-GIS person would actually be able to be a successful GIS user. After seeing Depiction, they rushed to incorporate it into their ICSolution application.

PEMSTAR (Professional Emergency Management Training and Resources) is a small private consulting and teaching company created to assist individuals and agencies with the ever-growing emergency management and Homeland Security field. Michael J Craig, CEO and founder of PEMSTAR, started his company in 2002 after seeing the needs of agencies and individuals, who were unable to keep up with new training and homeland security regulations. PEMSTAR offers its clients an inexpensive way to respond and be prepared for whatever your agencies needs are. PEMSTAR has assisted agencies from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. With an ever-changing world and its technologies, it is important agencies be prepared. PEMSTAR with Depiction offers a response effective & cost effective way to respond and be prepared.

Emc4 Consulting is a professional emergency management and business continuity consulting firm located in the Pacific Northwest that seeks to assist small to medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and local level government in their disaster planning efforts. With a background in naval aviation operations, founder and owner Steve Sprague of brings a great deal of professionalism to the table. Experienced in business planning and development, Steve holds a certificate in ISO 9000 quality systems auditing and has worked extensively in the area of new housing and community development in construction management giving him a unique and diverse perspective. Emc4 Consulting offers a variety of assistance options including plan development assistance, targeted mapping solutions, exercise design and facilitation; and training that is customized to specifically meet the customer’s needs.

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