New Runoff Simulation Element

The Runoff element allows simulation of water flow from a point source. The simulation can proceed with a limited supply of water or, alternately, the maximum inundation zone (assuming unlimited supply) can be determined. Flow velocity, general hydrodynamics are not modeled. Soil absorption is modeled indirectly as will become apparent. The basic premise here is that topological data alone, derived from Digital Elevation Models (DEM), contains sufficient information to model watersheds and drainage networks to a fairly high degree of accuracy, with the resolution of the DEM, of course, dictating the end result of the simulation.

For more details get the PDF file.

This simulation element will be included in our 1.2 version that is slated for a year-end release. This will be a free update for our current users. Likely, this will supplant the somewhat experimental Fluid Flow element.

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