Case Studies and White Papers

Click on the links below to view some of our case studies and other documents of interest.

Council of Neighborhoods

This powerpoint presentation was given to the City of Everett Council of Neighborhoods by Paul Donovan. In this presentation he is telling the council the techniques his neighborhood used to increase participation in their neighborhood. One of the tools he used was Depiction software.

YMCA Case Study

The study discusses how the Snohomish County YMCA used Depiction for their capital expansion planning.

Muttshack Case Study

This case study discusses how Depiction was used to assist in animal rescue in Louisiana during Hurricane Gustav.

PEMSTAR Case Study

This case study shows how PEMSTAR uses Depiction for situational awareness during emergencies.

Salvation Army Case Study

How Depiction was used by the Salvation Army during Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Technology for Personal and Family Preparedness

This is a white paper written by Depiction Founder Mike Geertsen discussing how technology in general and Depiction in particular can be used for personal preparedness.

Using Depiction for H1N1 Pandemic Response Operations

This white paper discusses how Depiction can be used by Health authorities during an H1N1 pandemic response operation.

Achieving a common operating picture using Depiction

This white paper discusses how Depiction can be used to achieve a common operating picture.

GIS in Emergency Management

This paper by Dr. John Pine of LSU discusses the use of GIS in Emergency Management.

Evaluation of Depiction by a German Fire Department

This paper by Frank Ruegner goes through his evaluation of the Depiction software for use in their fire department.

Excel + Depiction = GIS

This document was written by Russell Deffner, a Depiction Preferred Consultant. It is available to download for $4.95 on ( It will show you how you can use Depiction and Microsoft Excel to create a simple GIS system.

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