Depiction GIS Software

“There are thousands of interesting uses for this program. The key points, I think, are that it integrates lots of data across a network into a visual interface... No one really needs to know technology to use this product. They only need to know what they want to display. ”
Jeff Thurston
V1 Magazine
A depiction is...
...easy data integration
combining free data from the web with your own shapefiles, elevation data, CSV, GML, GPX, webservices and more.
...rapid data creation

with just a few clicks of the mouse creating georeferenced point, line and polygon elements—and even geo-aligning standard static imagery. interactive simulation environment
where all that disparate data comes alive and interacts—rising floods disable buildings, routes redirect around barriers and more. and customizable
enabling you to create your own smart map elements, with custom icons, colors, properties—even simulation rules and behaviors.

...easy and affordable
Download it, get started in minutes, and use it all you want—no subscriptions, support contracts or other ongoing fees.

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