Using Depiction Outside the USA

Unlike most mapping programs, Depiction doesn't depend on any proprietary maps, imagery or data. Instead, Depiction makes use of maps and imagery that are publicly available, as well as any GIS data you may have, or even everyday files like spreadsheets and image files. This means you can use Depiction anywhere in the world.

Many Quickstart datasets are available internationally, including:

  • Street maps from OpenStreetMap
  • Imagery from NASA Landsat
  • Road network data from OpenStreetMap
  • State and Province data from Natural Earth

Additionally, Depiction add-ons add additional worldwide datasets.

Would you like to help make your country's data available through Quickstart? Contact us!

Worldwide Elevation Data
Many Depiction simulation behaviors use elevation data. Currently, 30-meter resolution data is only available as Quickstart data in the USA. 90-meter data is available for many countries, though this resolution may be too low for some purposes. Higher resolution international elevation data is available from various sources. however:

  • 30-meter data from ASTER-GDEM, a joint project of NASA and the Japnese government
  • 30-meter Canadian data from Geobase
  • Other international data sources

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