Mapping Software for First Responders

“With Depiction we can easily get the big picture of where our assets are so we can plan for any event.”
Levon Yengoyan
Stanwood Camano Fire & Rescue
Stanwood, Washington

“The beauty I find with Depiction is making it your own—you can really fit it to your community.”

Peter Lamb,
Fire Chief, North Attleboro, Massachusetts
A depiction is...

...a Common Operating Picture
that is easy to implement, technically innovative and right on your desktop. interactive map of your area
that anyone in your department can use successfully, without expensive training.

...a flood simulation
that takes only seconds—and that interacts with buildings, routes and more.

...a tactical response plan
that transitions seamlessly into use for coordination during an event.

...a "geocommunication" tool
that ensures the situational awareness of everyone involved in an exercise, drill or actual disaster response.

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