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As you create a depiction of your community, Depiction provides two easy, built-in sources of data: Quickstart (from the web) and Elements (to make your own data).


There is so much free information on the web about our communities - available from countless federal agencies and public servers – that it’s hard to know where to start. That’s exactly why Depiction has provided you with free Quickstart data. The Depiction team has researched and created built-in links to some of the most important data on the web that will be useful in most any depiction you create.

Whenever you start a new depiction – and are connected to the internet – Depiction automatically provides you with a list of suggested sources it knows about for that area. From satellite and aerial imagery to road networks and elevation data, you don’t need to know a government agency’s correct web address or file format. Simply click on the box next to those sources you want to download – Depiction takes it from there.

Quickstart data sources window


For some information, YOU might be the source. In that case, Depiction lets you create data wherever you’d like by simply choosing an Element definition - such as shelter or volunteer or road barrier - and clicking on the map. By assigning a definition to your information, it takes on a role that lets it interact in your depiction. Much more than an ordinary “pushpin”, your data become smart objects in your world.

In addition to the built-in Element definitions provided by Depiction, you can create your own. Just start with one such as “Truck”, place it on the map, make any changes you want to it (perhaps change the icon to your company’s logo or add your own information fields - “properties” - such as Cargo Space or Assigned Driver) and then save it with its own Element name, e.g. “ABC Delivery Van”. This new element type is now added to your list for use in any other depiction.

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