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Achieving a Common Operating Picture


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Depiction and Situational Awareness

If you haven’t seen the newest version of Depiction mapping software, then you haven’t seen how easily and inexpensively the Common Operating Picture problem can now be solved for your organization and the many agencies you partner with when planning for and responding to an emergency.

As an emergency manager, one of your biggest challenges when a disaster, emergency or other significant event has occurred is keeping track of what is happening and where things are happening. The rapid and effective sharing of information to achieve a Common Operating Picture (COP) among the various responding agencies involved is key to everyone making better decisions.

Traditional COP solutions are expensive, complex or web-only applications that leave you with nothing when the Internet is lost. Depiction Mapping Software is an easy to implement, technically innovative, desktop solution to the Common Operating Picture problem; and the cost of the software is so low that every entity involved should be able to afford multiple copies.


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