APRS quickstart add-on information

For Amateur radio operators and others

There are two great ways to bring in Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) data to Depiction mapping, simulation and collaboration software.

The Depiction APRS Add-on provides an active feed of APRS data to your depictions from the OpenAPRS web service. Installing this add-on will put "APRS (OpenAPRS)" as a new source on your Quick Start data list the next time you start Depiction. Click here to purchase.

The APRS Live add-on, built by Smucker Data Solutions, enables APRS packet information received over RF via your radio and TNC to be displayed in Depiction’s mapping and simulation environment. No Internet connection is needed. Click here to purchase.

Both of these add-ons enable you to:

Select response areas and visualize APRS data points

Easily manipulate geocoded data during events and emergencies.

Create interaction rules to use APRS sites as simulation elements.

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